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clientuploads/Old and or  unused/Star-1-.pngBE PART OF THE 1% SOLUTION!

From Richard Wedegartner, former Chapter President:

“Once upon a time, when I was still the president of the Mass Chapter, a board member said to me: "Richard, 99% of our members don't volunteer to do anything. They just let us do ALL the work!"  And then I said: "I don't believe most of our members joined a professional massage organization in order to volunteer their time." But when I really thought about it, I believed that I would actually be fine with that if WE HAD 1% OF OUR MEMBERS VOLUNTEERING.  

We have almost 3000 members in the Mass Chapter. So the idea of the 1% campaign is to recruit enough volunteers to get us to that 1% number. It is doable! We just need to ask!!

So please consider being part of the 1% Solution-we have plenty of volunteer opportunities-they range from helping with registration at a Chapter Meeting to becoming a Delegate to our National Convention.  Help out for 1 day, 1 month or 1 year!

What skills would you like to share with others? Please fill out our Volunteer Registration Form and somone from the Chapter will connect with you.


The AMTA-MA Chapter will always accept a helping hand! Chapter elections happen at the start of the year and those elected are honored at our Annual Chapter meeting in April. 

Help shape what the AMTA-MA Chapter can create for the massage therapy field.

The following are the regular volunteer positions that are open for elections. All but the Alternate Delegate positions serve 2-year terms.



2 Board Members (formerly 1st and 2nd Vice Presidents)


Financial Administrator (formerly Treasurer)

Alternate Delegate  (5 positions: ONE YEAR term)
Note: Alternates will be elected at the same time as delegates and other chapter officers, but to a one-year term only. Alternates will be listed as Alternate one, Alternate two and so on. The candidate receiving the highest number of votes will fill Alternate number one, the candidate receiving the next highest amount of votes will fill Alternate number two and so on.

If you are interested or simply want to know more about what is involved PLEASE email and we'll be happy to help!

Elections will be held online so it provides a greater opportunity for members to vote! We are thrilled to announce electronic elections so members can vote online and do not need to attend the annual meeting. This way, we can announce our winners at the Annual Meeting during.

Other Volunteer Positions:

Position open: Scholarship Committee
Job Description
: Help review all applications for scholarship awards
Skills needed: Wanting to help give a deserving student a little kick start for their new profession
Estimated time commitment: 2-3 hours once a year and ability to attend the annual meeting to help present the award with the committee
Training provided by chapter: Training and information pertinent to the scholarship award.
Lead person for the Scholarship: Kelly Dalbec

Contact: - Chapter President, Greg Hurd - 

Position open: Awards Committee Chair
Job Description:
 The Awards Committee chairperson will

monitor the AMTA National website for award information and time lines
work with Website committee to call for nominations for various chapter awards
work with chapter Board of Directors to have all awards designed and printed for Annual Meeting
assist in presenting awards at Annual Meeting

Skills needed: Writing and organizational skills, ability to communication with chapter leadership via email.
Estimated time commitment: This is a seasonal volunteer job, requiring about 1 to 3 hours of time monthly, from January through May each year.
Training provided by chapter: Current chair will provide instructions and guidance to incoming volunteer, and be available to answer questions throughout the year. Additional and ongoing support will be provided by chapter Board of Directors and Website committee.
Contact: Gail Dobinski at

Position open: Communications Committee - Website & social media assistant(s)
Job Description:
This is a very broad position that can be individually tailored to suit the skills and desires of a few volunteers. Website tasks include general content updates to the website, including adding events, news articles and blog posts, (not necessarily writing them, but inputting to the website), configuring bulk emails. Tasks could include interpreting website analytics and creative thinking for future projects.
Social media tasks include content curation(looking for cool stuff to share with the members), scheduling posts in advance to the chapter’s social media streams. Working closely with committee chair to be sure chapter events and news gets shared in social media networks.
Volunteers in this committee will be supported by each other, with at least two people knowing how to accomplish every task, so responsibilities can be shared and organized according to desire of workload.
Skills needed: General computer and internet skills. If you’re smooth with word processing and/or spreadsheets and/or constant contact (or mail chimp, etc) and/or wordpress, you can handle this position.
Estimated time commitment: approximately 2-3 hours/month, can be tailored to more or less depending on volunteer desires.
Training provided by chapter: Live webinar training directly with website company and with Kristen Lutz, (Communications Program Director). Ongoing support and training as news tasks emerge.
Contact: Kristen Lutz at