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We want our site to be YOUR resource for some great marketing tools.  If you find a resource you would like to share-please email  Thanks in advance for adding to our tools!

From a few leaders in our field:
We are with Cherie! “We are committed to supporting small business owners (particularly those in the healing arts fields) in developing profitable, enjoyable businesses. We want people to do what they love and earn a decent living doing it. We believe in supporting people in living their lives and running their businesses from their values. We help make managing and marketing your business a pleasure.”  -- Cherie Sohnen-Moe

“A massage practice is a service business.  Marketing a service business is much different than marketing a product.  Our service is also very unique.  What other service requires that the client take their clothes off and allow another to touch them?  Because of this, marketing a massage practice is really different from standard marketing programs that work to create a "hook" to get people to buy. 
Building a service business involves creating trust and respect.  It is all about the relationship that you develop with the client.  Knowing yourself and what you do is really essential to building a practice.
Communicating to your potential clients about who you are and what you do and what massage can do is what marketing a massage practice is all about.  Marketing is an ongoing process and is a constant learning process.” ~julie Onofrio

From Eric Brown of Bodyworkbiz  ‘Any massage therapist can have a successful, thriving and profitable practice... ...and that includes you!
You are a talented professional with excellent hands-on skills. I know you really care about your clients and that you have the ability to really make a difference in people's lives. But you need to have strong massage marketing skills to attract clients so they can benefit from your work. “

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