2015 Dianne Polseno Scholarship 1st Place Winner Interview

Published: June 8, 2015

By Kristen Lutz
Communications Program Chair

I had the pleasure of sitting down with our 2015 Dianne Polseno Scholarship 1st Place Winner, Marissa Farrell, to get to know a little more about how this award will affect her and her future practice. Marissa was the recipient of $1,000 and a free year of AMTA-MA membership. Did you know we have $1,000 and $500 (PLUS A YEAR OF FREE AMTA MEMBERSHIP!) just waiting for some brilliant and talented souls to take home each year? Here's what Marissa had to say about how the scholarship will make an impact on her career.

Q. How did you hear about the Dianne Polseno Scholarship?

A. I was notified of the scholarship through my school. I had asked at the start of the school year for alerts to any and all scholarships available to massage students.

Q. Where are you attending school and do you have a favorite class/area of study?

A. I am just about to graduate the accelerated 9-month program at The Bancroft School of Massage.

Q. What will be the first thing you do with your Scholarship Award? If you're not sure, you can talk about some ways the money will help you prepare for the start of your practice.

A. I am already enrolled in a 60-hour certification program with Leslie Stager's MotherTouch Massage Therapy for professional Prenatal Massage which begins the week following Bancroft graduation. From there, I am going to study and take the MBLEX (even though for MA I don't need it). In the fall I am beginning the Arvigo Technique certification. This $1000 will be shared among the costs here. It is SO helpful!

Q. How will the Award make an impact on your massage therapy practice?

A. For starters, receiving the award at the AMTA-MA Chapter annual meeting was wonderful. After the immersion at Bancroft, I was feeling nervous about being released out to the wide world without a community. The classroom setting is nurturing and like a nest, I didn't know anything like it existed outside of school. The meeting showed me the massage community in action and in support of each other. I am thankful for that. The actual financial award is helping me pay for all that follows my massage license.

Q. What would you like to say to next year's applicants?

A. Read the question on the application and give it a lot of thought then write it down. It is easy to say to yourself, "I know exactly how I feel about ....", it is so different to actually brainstorm through it. I was surprised where my thoughts led me in answering this year's question, but I was inspired by the end and maybe even more clear for myself where it is I see myself going.

Q. Why is it important for people to contribute to the Dianne Polseno Scholarship Fund?

A. We all need help affording good training. I am a mother and work 3/4 time dividing my time between home and my career. I applied for scholarships and raised money to go back to school. Chances are good, that by donating to this award, you are contributing to the higher education and fulfillment of someone’s dream.