Chapter Volunteering


We have over 2,800 members in the AMTA-MA Chapter. With so many members and more throughout the massage therapy community, there is a lot we can accomplish. We just need the numbers to help. We can all do our part.

So please consider being an AMTA-MA Chapter volunteer. Opportunities range from doing an occasional task at home on our behalf to being a member of our Chapter Board! You can help out for one day, one month or one year!

While we come across so many talented people to share their skills with us to improve our chapter, we find that while volunteering, you end up developing a new skill that will translate into other areas of your life. 

All we ask is that you consider it. Then take the time to fill out our Volunteer Registration Form and our Volunteer & Support Development Committee Chair will connect with you.


The AMTA-MA Chapter will always accept a helping hand! 

The following is a list of our Chapter Board positions where people serve a two-year term. These volunteer positions are elected positions where you submit a head shot and a bio explaining your career path and why you'd like to be on the Chapter Board. Elections are held online so it provides a greater opportunity for members to vote! Members can vote in the weeks leading up to our Annual Meeting that takes place in April. This way, we can announce our winners at the Annual Meeting.

  • President
  • 2 Board Members
  • Secretary
  • Financial Administrator

If you are interested or simply want to know more about what is involved PLEASE email and we'll be happy to help!

Open Volunteer Positions

Position open: Membership Experience Committee Chair

Job Description: Oversee the overall impact and experience of our chapter members. This includes being present at 3-4 AMTA-MA events throughout the year and making scripted phone calls to new members welcoming them, asking them if they have any questions, and forwarding any interest in volunteering to our Volunteer & Support Development Committee Chair.

Skills needed: Good communication/speaking skills and well organized. Familiar with Gmail and Google Drive.

Estimated time commitment: 2-3 hours per month and attendance at the Annual Chapter Meeting held every April

Training provided by chapter: Training is provided by the AMTA-MA Chapter and the current Committee Chair. Ongoing support and training will occur as new tasks emerge.

Contact: - Chapter President: Greg Hurd @

Position open: Volunteer & Support Development Chair

Job Description: The Volunteer & Support Development Chair has the following roles and responsibilities.

1. Know the specific roles that the Chapter needs filled
  • Work in conjunction with the committee chairs to know their specific needs
  • Maintain up-to-date position descriptions for each volunteer positions and understand time commitment for each job
  • Have a place where these position descriptions are kept online that can be easily updated (Google Docs)

2. Identify Volunteers
  • Contact people from our volunteer list (old & new) to make sure they are happy with their current role
  • For new prospective volunteers, speak one-on-one to learn their interests and give smaller tasks before committing to more giving more in depth responsibilities

3. Volunteer Intake
  • Make sure the committee chair and volunteer are connected and in communication with one another
  • Create a system for follow-up

4. Volunteer Training
  • Make sure each volunteer understands all policies and procedures
  • Support the volunteer in understanding how things work, in general

5. Volunteer Development
  • Ascertain which volunteers have an interest in being a delegate, a board member or committee chair
  • Help with election transitioning with Board members

Skills needed: Very organized and able to communicate with the Chapter Board and Committee Chairs fairly regularly via email and occasionally via phone

Estimated time commitment: This role involved more regular, ongoing support. Some weeks and months may be more busy, depending on the increased interest of members to volunteer. You will likely be most busy immediately following a chapter event, especially the Annual Chapter meeting as that's when members show interest in volunteering. 

Training provided by chapter: Current chair will provide instructions and guidance to incoming volunteer, and be available to answer questions throughout the year. Additional and ongoing support will be provided by the Chapter Board.

Contact: Gail Dobinski at

Position open: Communications Committee - Various Positions

The Communications Chair oversees and executes all components of Chapter Communication. This includes the website, newsletters, emails, advertising, content writing, seeking guest blog writers, and supporting the other committees. There are a couple of wonderful volunteers who help with posting events on our website and managing our social media sites. If you have any interest in helping out with any of our communications tasks, even if you're not sure how at the moment, please email Kristen Lutz at