Chapter Volunteering

Be A Part of Our Team!

We know you're a great massage therapist, but do you have other talents and skills that could help our chapter? Are you interested in getting more involved with all that we do? If so, we'd love to hear from you!

Fill out the Volunteer Registration Form and our Volunteer Lead will reach out soon!

If you are in the process of joining as a chapter volunteer and you need to complete the Chapter Volunteer Code of Conduct please click here to complete the form.

Chapter volunteers are required to submit all receipts and mileage tracking for reimbursement within 30 days of the event. Please request a form by emailing

General Volunteer Positions

The AMTA-MA Chapter will always accept a helping hand! 

We have over 3,000 members in the AMTA-MA Chapter. With so many members and more throughout the massage therapy community, there is a lot we can accomplish. We can all do our part. So please consider being an AMTA-MA Chapter volunteer. Opportunities range from doing an occasional task at home on our behalf to being a member of our Chapter Board! The time commitment can be what works best for your schedule - an hour each week, monthly support or once-a-year!

While we come across so many talented people to share their skills with us to improve our chapter, we find that while volunteering, you end up developing a new skill that will translate into other areas of your life. 

Board of Directors

The Board of Directors are elected to office for two-year terms. The time commitment includes monthly conference calls, seasonal meetings, strategic planning and budget planning, along with providing guidance for the Program Chairs. The following is a list of our Chapter Board positions. These volunteer positions are elected positions where you submit a head shot and a bio explaining your career path and why you'd like to be on the Chapter Board. Online elections are held during the month of March so members can vote in the weeks leading up to our Annual Meeting that takes place in April. This way, we can announce our new Board at the Annual Meeting.

    • President
    • 2 Board Members
    • Secretary
    • Financial Administrator

If you are interested or simply want to know more about what is involved PLEASE email and we'll be happy to help!