2015 House of Delegates: Recommendations and Position Statements

Published: June 29, 2015

Read and offer your thoughts on the 2015 House of Delegates Proposed Recommendations and Position Statements. You can earn FREE education!

Each year, AMTA members have the opportunity to develop Recommendations on AMTA bylaws or policies and Position Statements that represent a stated goal of posting of the association. Proposed Recommendations and Position Statements are reviewed, discussed and voted on by the elected Delegates at the House of Delegates (HOD). This input is just one of the many ways AMTA's initiatives are informed directly by our members. This year, the HOD will meet at the AMTA National Convention on Wednesday, August 19th to discuss and vote on 3 Recommendations and 2 Position Statements.

Recommendations for the 2015 House of Delegates Meeting

Position Statements for consideration at the 2015 House of Delegates Meeting

Please return to the AMTA-MA's blog over the next few weeks as our HOD Blog Series will cover each recommendation and position statement. Each blog post will have a pros and cons section created by our AMTA-MA Chapter-elected delegates. We invite you to share your thoughts in the comments section of our blogs. Check your inbox the week of JULY 26TH. We'll be sending out a brief survey to enlist your feedback on these recommendations and position statements. Anyone who comments on any of our blogs, on HOD-related social media posts on Facebook or Twitter, or by completing our survey will be entered into a raffle for a $75 chapter education credit! That is equal to one full day of education!

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