2015 Meritorious Award Winner, Jessica Meltzer!

Published: May 30, 2015

During our 2015 Annual Chapter Meeting in May, held during our Inaugural IDEA Conference weekend, we announce the winners of AMTA-MA Chapter Awards. The awards included the Humanitarian Award, President's Award and Meritorious Award. Meritorious is defined as deserving reward or praise. Synonyms include praiseworthy, laudable, commendable, admirable, credible, worthy deserving...ok, you get the point! Our 2015 Meritorious Award winner is Jessica Meltzer. She's all of those things and so much more! We wanted her to share the following with you, our chapter member.

What did it mean to you to receive the AMTA-MA Chapter's Meritorious Award?

It sounds cliché but I was in fact quite surprised to receive the chapter meritorious award at the annual meeting. There are so many hardworking volunteers who put in many hours behind the scenes that we, as members, don't necessarily realize are happening or required. These hours are what keeps our wonderful chapter with all it offers moving along so well. Several of them stepped down from their previous volunteer roles this year and all are tremendously deserving of this honor. I served on the NERC committee for the last three conferences and I absolutely loved NERC. I loved working as a member of the committee. It was a unique experience and one I am grateful to our chapter for providing. As wonderful an experience as it was, this particular volunteer role was also time consuming and had its challenges. The Meritorious Award is meaningful to me in part because it is a tangible reminder that the work I did was recognized and appreciated. I did not expect the award but I am so grateful and pleased to have been given it. Thank you!