2018 Annual Chapter Meeting Minutes

Published: April 9, 2018

Welcome and Call to order: Greg Hurd welcomed the members. Meeting called to order at 12:38PM.

Introduction of the Board and Dignitaries: Greg Hurd – President introduced the current board members: Board Member – Katie Adams, Board Member – Gail Dobinski, Financial Administrator – Roxanne Cunningham, and Secretary - Nichole Cross.

Membership, Gail Dobinski - Continuing Education, Deb Baker - Volunteer Development Coordinator, Roxanne Cunningham - Elections Coordinator, Jennifer Savage - Past Financial Administrator, Sue Cormier.

Thanks to Kelly Delbac and Charles Gaudette - Thanks to Brenda Thibault for centerpieces.

Greg also introduced: Members of the State Massage Therapy Board, Paul Andrews and Mark Malloy and Kimberly Sullivan Giese our lobbyists.

New Business: No new business

Approval of Agenda: Motion to approve agenda as is made by Brenda Thibault, seconded by Gail Dobinski Voted by voice - unanimously approved.

Roll Call: See attached sign in sheet. Professional member count: 82

President's Address

Greg thanked our vendors and presenters. Introduced himself and thanked Soothe and performance health and also massage envy. Thanked those for products and info that was given to the members.

Went over the volunteer opportunities that are available to volunteer for. John Vines our previous humanitarian award winner was given the 2018 Manny Vines Gratitude award for his years of work with the Boston Living Center - volunteering since 1995 every other monday.

Presidents Award: Spoke a little about each person and why he could not just pick one person

Katie Adams, Nichole Cross, Gail Dobinski, Debbie Baker, Kristen Lutz, Roxanne Cunningham, Gordon Piolotte, Tonya Taylor, Karen Buck, Jennifer Savage, Patty Jaworski, Brenda Thibault, Christine Rose, Sue Cormier, Deb Nugnes, Charles Gaudette, Kelly Dalbec, Cynthai Sykes, Alan Jacobson, Solange Lopes, Rishad Tillman, Meril Pregeant, Ernie DiNatalie, Regine Ryder, Kate Peck, Lisa Parenteau also mentioned national people who have been a big help for his presidency.

Treasurer’s Report: Presented by Financial Administrator; Roxanne Cunningham. 

Bylaw changes at national no longer requires us to have the budget approved by membership. Went over info sent in by national.

Introduction of Program Chairs who spoke to what they do:

Member Experience Program Chair: Gail Dobinski

Membership Activities, Chapter Meetings, Mentorship Program, New Member Program, Awards, Dianne Polseno Scholarship award. Looking to combine this with Volunteer Coordinator duties currently are Volunteer & Support Development Program Director: Commission on Candidacy, Education of current and prospective leaders, Succession Planning,

Awards, Non-Member Outreach - Gail will be leaving this position and Tonya will be taking over.

Law & Legislation Program Chair: Greg Hurd

Advocacy, Coalitions, Chapter Lobbyist

Communications Program Chair: Kristen Lutz

Website, Newsletters, Emails, Social Media, Calendar, Advertisers, All Media

Walked us through the mobile website.

CVOP & AoD changes: Nichole Cross

Discussed changes to AoD and talked about the benefits of CVOP

Education Program Chair: Debbie Baker

Next Education events: Mental Health First Aid- Saturday April 28th in Westborough 9-5

Tenderly Touching TMJ with NMT- Judith Delaney helping 360NMT market the event, AMTA members get $50 discount.

September 16th - Sports massage specialty certificate program - hands on workshop followed by 6 on-line classes.

December 2nd - Regina Cobb - Topic to be determined - Cape Codder in Hyannis.


Presented by Greg Hurd

Chapter Meritorious – Roxanne Cunningham

Performance Health Massage donated a check for the Meritorious award to attend national.

Distinguished Service Award - Bob Vinson

Humanitarian Award - N/A

Volunteer of the Year Award - Tonya Brooks-Taylor

Board Member Recognition – Gail Dobinski 

Dianne Polseno Scholarship

$500 Award Presented by chapter & Graduate Membership: Emily Brown

$1,000 Award Presented by Amy Stone of Massage Envy & Graduate Membership: Erin McNulty


Paul Andrews from Chair of The Massachusetts Board of Registration of Massage Therapy.

He spoke about the board roll to protect the public and why the regulatory board is in place. Encourages everyone to go to the 2nd Monday of every month to attend the Board Meeting.

Things the board usually deals with is: Marketing, Scope of Practice and asked us to please report anything that we feel like we should. There is a form on-line to file complaints.

Facility Licensure is required by every single person.

Ended by answering questions from the floor.

Mark Malloy-Chapter Lobbyist (Lynch Associates): He has been working with us for 14 years now. He works with Anne Lynch and Kim Sullivan of Lynch Associates.

A lobbyist educates and advocates, they help to protect us and expand our scope of practice.

Policy - every session they file between 5-8,000 bills. They go through them all and check out what would be potential issues for the massage therapists. New Bodywork licensing is on the docket, but he does not think it will pass this session. Working on what is happening between the senate and the house on the federal level with massage being covered by insurance.

Practical issues that are brought to the board to discuss. Encourages everyone to do paperwork online.

Canibus - working on regulations for mixed use facilities and this will be done in the fall. CBD oils are usable - THC are not.

Ended by answering questions from the floor.

Election Results: Prepared by Deb Nugnes; presented by Greg Hurd since Deb could not be there.

Board of Directors:

Roxanne Cunningham Financial Administrator one year term

Nichole Cross Board Member two year term

Brenda Thibault Secretary two year term


Brenda Thibault Delegate finishing two year term

Cynthia Sykes Delegate finishing two year term

Nichole Cross Delegate finishing two year term

Installation of New Delegates and Board Members by Greg Hurd .

Adjourn: Motion to adjourn made by Gail Dobinski, seconded by Jennifer Savage . Voted by voice – unanimously approved. Meeting adjourned at 3:21 PM.

Nichole Cross

Attachments: Agenda, Election Results, Professional member in attendance roster.