2018 Dianne Polseno Scholarship 2nd Place Winner Interview

Published: May 18, 2018

By Kristen Lutz
Communications Program Chair

I had the pleasure of sitting down with our 2018 Dianne Polseno Scholarship 2nd Place Winner, Emily Brown, to get to know a little more about how this award will affect her and her future practice. Emily was the recipient of $500 and a free year of AMTA-MA membership. Did you know we have $1,000 and $500 (PLUS A YEAR OF FREE AMTA MEMBERSHIP!) just waiting for some brilliant and talented souls to take home each year? Here's what Emily had to say about how the scholarship will make an impact on her career.

Emily shared with me her hope to practice in the hospital setting for part of her time. What fascinated me was her other passion - Dolphin Assisted Therapy! She told me that therapy is provided to people while dolphins are present. How cool is that??? She is exploring options to see if Massage Therapy has a place in the Dolphin Assisted Therapy world. She said that dolphins have can have such a positive emotional connection with the client and she has witness this through volunteering in this setting as an occupational therapist. All I can say is sign me up as a practice client! I'm here if you need me!

Q. How did you hear about the Dianne Polseno Scholarship?

A. I heard about this scholarship from the instructors at my school, Bancroft School of Massage Therapy. Her name was often mentioned during our A&P lectures. All of the instructors speak so highly and fondly of Dianne. I heard about her work in reference to the cadaver lab that she participated in as well as in regards to her work with ethics in the profession of massage therapy. After I did some more reading about her, I knew I wanted to apply, to honor and respect her.

Q. Where are you attending school and do you have a favorite class/area of study?

A. I am attending school at the Bancroft School of Massage Therapy. I really enjoyed the A&P curriculum. I have a background in healthcare and I have always loved learning about the human body and how it works. It was an in-depth, interesting, and fun course! 

Q. What will be the first thing you do with your Scholarship Award?

A. This award will help me further my education. It will allow me to take some continuing education courses to help me explore the dynamic nature of this profession and to strengthening my skills in my areas of interest. I really want to practice MT in the healthcare setting so I would like to take some courses in hospital massage. I also have a growing interest in Craniosacral Therapy. I am going to put the scholarship towards these courses.

Q. How will the Award make an impact on your massage therapy practice?

A. Well, first I am humbled and honored to have received this award. It has already made a positive impact on my self-confidence. Receiving this award has helped to reinforce that my intention for entering the massage therapy profession is valid. Thank you. It has had an effect on my motivation and given me the confidence to reach out to other professionals, ask more questions, explore, and be creative with my career goals. 

Q. What would you like to say to next year's applicants?

A. Read about Dianne and some of her work and you’ll be inspired. Write down what is in your heart. Apply. Give it a try. Even just applying, writing down your thoughts, will have a positive impact on you and your intentions for entering the massage therapy profession. It is a good way to organize your mind and heart. 

Q. Why is it important for people to contribute to the Dianne Polseno Scholarship Fund?

A. We need to contribute to the Dianne Polseno Scholarship Fund so we, as massage therapists, can continue to be inspired by this wonderful woman. She worked hard and valued ethics in the massage therapy profession. She continued to learn and helped others do the same, throughout her career. Let’s continue to grow as a profession in her honor. 

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