2022 Assembly of Delegates Report

Published: September 18, 2022

How exciting it was for us to convene in Cleveland, OH with the Assembly of Delegates last month. 2022 provided a great meeting agenda which focused on training and feedback from round table discussions and valuable presentations. Daniele Sarkisian and Sharlene Paul represented the Massachusetts Chapter this year.

On August 24, 2022, the AOD meeting was well attended by many across North America. We were welcomed by both Maureen Stott from the AOD Advisory Committee and our National Board President, Michaelle Colizza. Our energy was high because we were all so happy to be meeting in person after our long time of being away because of the ‘Pandemic’.

How do you see your role as a delegate providing value to our association and profession? This was our proposed discussion topic which was broken down into five questions for discussion. These were thoughtfully presented to us in an online forum or “OPEN HOUSES” leading up to our time together in August. Thank you to Jessica Ferrer our AODAC (Assembly of Delegate Advisory Committee) Chair and Moderator for leading us in these discussions. We are grateful to have her as our MA chapter secretary too! We sat around tables and broke down these following questions and discussed and came up with some great points which we all felt would be beneficial for the future of being a Delegate.

1. Delegate & Chapter Leader Partnership:

What SHOULD chapter leaders REQUIRE of their delegates?

What DOES your chapter require/expect from you as Delegate?

2. How can the Assembly of Delegates Advisory Committee (AODAC), the Volunteer Engagement Committee (VEC) and/or your Chapter Leadership help you be more effective in your role as delegate?

What other resources/training do you need? Would a coaching program prove useful?

3. Is there any part of the submission process for Discussion topics and/or Proposed Idea for Position Statements that is unclear?

Please explain what part of the process is unclear?

Do you have a suggestion for streamlining the process?

4. How can the AOD become more approachable/accessible?

(Small ideas can turn into great discussions)

5. Please share ideas of how you and your Chapter gather feedback and communicate with your members for Assembly of Delegates related discussions.

87 out of 88 Delegates contributed to discussion from June through the beginning of September. Most states were represented in Cleveland. We bring our energy, our creativity and eagerness for continued learning and growing in our profession to being a Delegate. We were voted to represent you and are here for you to ask questions, or make suggestions for discussion topics and propose ideas for a position statement. Our work is ongoing throughout the year and we are a bridge between the chapters and the National Board of Directors.

Next Wednesday we will be having our first “Open House” since the Convention. We all seemed to enjoy this informal connection where we can ask questions, collaborate, and see what is good and new in someone else’s state. If you have an ideas please share with us.

Respectfully Submitted,

Daniele Sarkisian
Sharlene Paul
September 18, 2022