A Tutorial of the State Massage Board Website

Published: October 23, 2009

A Tutorial of the State Massage Board Website


What can you do on this site?

  • Apply for an individual massage license and how to apply for an establishment license.
  • Read the Statutes and Regulations for massage therapists and massage businesses.
  • Get information about the State Board
  • Who is on the Board?
  • When are the meetings?
  • Get updated news from the State
  • Check on individual and business licenses and how to find a licensed professional from a large selection of professions
  • Fees for renewal licenses and renewal schedules
  • How to contact the State Board
  • Click on helpful links
  • Do an online address change

How do you do all of these?

Apply for an individual and/or an establishment license

On the home page, scroll down the page to click on: "Applications and Forms" The fees for all are listed in this section.

This will bring you to a page with the options of:

Initial or reciprocal license

Grandfathering (an option that ends in 2009)

Establishment license

i. Solo

ii. Multi

A sample compliance form that is required for multi establishments

A CORI Permission Form that you need to do ONLY if asked to by the Board

Verification Request If you require a certificate of verification to go to another jurisdiction(s), please submit separate verification request forms with applicable fees for each verification requested.

Certification of Standing Request

Online Address Change for Massage Therapists https://secure.reg.state.ma.us/coa/coaauth.asp?color=red&Board=MT

The Online Change of Address feature allows you to change your address of record listed in our database. To use this function, you must provide certain information for authorization.

Change of Name or Request for Duplicate License for Board of Registration of Massage Therapy

Health Care Fraud Complaint Application

Division of Professional Licensure Complaint Form

Statutes and Regulations

Rules and Regulations governing massage therapists: 269 CMR 1.00 - 7.00

Chapter 135 of the Acts of 2006 - This is the Act Relative to the Licensure of Massage Therapists

RE: Preemption of local boards of health from licensing and regulating massage therapists http://www.mass.gov/Eoca/docs/dpl/boards/mt/mt_jurisdiction.pdf

Letter to Municipal Health Authority

Exempted Individuals

Interim Rules For Proprietary Schools

DOE Rules for Instructors

Information about the State Board

There are 3 links at the bottom of the home page:

  • About the Board of Registration
  • Members of the Board
  • Calendar for the Board

Getting updated news

The website is updated fairly often; so checking it on a regular basis is the best way to stay up to date. On the home page, go to the right side of the page. There is a section called "News and Updates." Simply click on the links that are of interest to you.

Check on Individual and Business Licenses and how to find a licensed professional from a large selection of professions

On the bottom right of the first page, under "Online Services" look for: Check a Massage Therapist's License http://license.reg.state.ma.us/public/licque.asp?color=red&Board=MT

Click on that link. It gives option of looking up someone under their license number, business information or personal information.

Once you open that, it's fairly obvious.

When looking up a business, the only thing that may be at all tricky is you have to make sure that under "Type of Business" you are on massage establishment.

Under personal information, make sure that under "Profession of License" it is massage (or the profession one is looking up).

It's a really nice feature that the website has and it can be used for other professions and not just massage therapy.

There is also a link to "Locate a Licensed Professional" When you click on this link, the first option available is "aesthetician"; so you simply click on the down arrow next to "aesthetician" to go to the profession for which you are looking. There are lots of choices of professions and you can search by counties, cities, towns, or zip code. Again, a really nice feature that helps you find a licensed professional from many, many options.

Fees for initial and renewal licenses

At the bottom of the home page, click on the link for fees and license renewal schedules. Make sure to read the information clearly as there have been a number of massage therapists who think that the renewal fee has been raised. The correct information is:

Massage Therapist renewal is $150 and due on the 28th day of your birth month. It needs to be renewed every year.

Solo Massage Establishment is $50 and due annually on the date it was issued.

Multiple Massage Establishment is $150 and due annually on the date it was issued.

Please note that on your individual license renewal, you will be asked if the place at which you are working has an establishment license. If you are not at an establishment that is licensed (if an establishment license is required), the Board has the right to refuse your individual license.

How to contact the State Board

That link is on the bottom right of the home page. Even though it says "Email" it also brings you to the phone number. The contact person is Michael Hawley. He genuinely wants to help.

Click on helpful links

There are two places for helpful links:

On the bottom on the home page in the middle, there is a big link that brings you to:

i. Federation of State Massage Therapy Boards http://www.fsmtb.org/

ii. American Massage Therapy Association http://amtamassage.org/ (AMTA)

iii. Associated Bodywork & Massage Professionals http://www.abmp.com/ (ABMP)

iv. Massachusetts Chapter of the American Massage Therapy Association http://www.massamta.org/ (AMTA Mass Chapter)

The other place is at the bottom right of the home page and is a link to the Department of Professional Licensure - which is the "DPL" in the website address

Do an online address change

This is near the bottom right under the heading "Online Services"