April 2017 Annual Meeting Minutes @ IDEA

Published: April 3, 2017

Welcome and Call to order: Greg Hurd welcomed the members. Meeting called to order at 12:48PM.

Introduction of the Board and Dignitaries: Greg Hurd (President) introduced the current board members: 1st VP – Katie Adams, 2nd VP – Sue Cormier, Treasurer – Patty Jaworski, and Secretary - Nichole Cross; Membership - Gail Dobinski, Education - Deb Baker, Communications - Kristen Lutz. Greg also introduced Past President, Mary White, Members of the State Massage Therapy Board and Lobbyist, Mark Malloy.

New Business: No new business

Approval of Agenda: Motion to approve agenda as is made by Brenda Thibault, seconded by Sue Lane. Voted by voice - unanimously approved.

Roll Call: See attached sign in sheet. Professional member count: 92

Presidents Address:

Greg thanked our exhibitors and educators, introduced himself, and talked about how we can, as the AMTA, help to liberate your potential. By our dedication to continuing education. We stay up to date on legal matters. We are here to help you become the best massage therapist you can be.

Greg spoke about some new changes in National.

Announced the National Convention in Pasadena, California September 14-16.

Announced that we will not be doing IDEA next year, but will plan to have several educational opportunities in 2018.

Introduced Vincent Dufort who is running the Boston Marathon for the MT foundation. He also expressed his thanks to the Massage Therapy Foundation.

Spoke on how many MTs in the country, how much massage has become mainstream, and how more research is showing evidence of how massage is really helpful.

Treasurer’s Report: Presented by Treasurer, Patty Jaworski.

Chapter is in excellent state. Had a net income of $16,000. This is the first time since chapter dues were nixed that we made a profit.

Spoke about the grant we got for $6,000 from nation for lobbyist.

Patty answered several questions from the floor about the budget.

Vote on Budget: Motion to accept budget as presented made by Merill Pregeant and seconded by Brenda Thibault, Voted by raise of hands.

Introduction of Program Directors who spoke to what they do:

Member Experience-Program Director: Gail Dobinski

Membership Activities, Chapter Meetings, Mentorship Program, New Member Program, Awards, Dianne Polseno Scholarship award.

Law & Legislation – Program Director: Greg Hurd

Advocacy, Coalitions, Chapter Lobbyist

Communications-Program Director: Kristen Lutz

Website, Newsletters, Emails, Social Media

Education - Program Director: Debbie Baker

All education events, IDEA Conference, Scholarship

Next Education events: September 9&10 - Joe Muscolino teaching Clinical Orthopedic Manual Therapy for the Neck at the Sheraton in Framingham

December 3rd - Katie Adams Teaching NMT for the upper extremities at the Cape Codder in Hyannis.

Volunteer & Support Development Program Director: open

Commission on Candidacy, Education of current and prospective leaders, Succession Planning,

Awards, Non-Member Outreach


Presented by Greg Hurd

Chapter Meritorious – Kristen Lutz

Performance Health Massage donated a $1,000 check for the Meritorious award to attend national.

Distinguished Service Award - Patty Jaworski

Humanitarian Award - Kate Peck

Volunteer of the Year Award - Karen Buck

President’s Award – Charles Gaudette

Dianne Polseno Scholarship –

$500 Award (presented by chapter) & Graduate Membership: Heather Dunlap

$1,000 Award Presented by Amy Stone of Massage Envy & Graduate Membership: Kristen Flynn

Massage Envy donated a $1,000 check to the 1st place winner.


Ana Garcia Executive Director of The Massachusetts Board of Registration of Massage Therapy.

Ana spoke about board function and some frequently asked questions.

The MT board has 6 members with 1 vacant seat.

Licenced MT’s in MA 8,542 - these are now renewable on-line.

Changes have come into effect in January of this year

Educational requirements were streamlined. Establishment License were discussed and how each individual must be associated with an establishment. If you are a mobile therapist then you much give the address of where your files are stored.

Client documentation must be created after each visit.

Mark Malloy - Chapter Lobbyist (Lynch Associates): He works with Anne Lynch and Kim Sullivan of Lynch Associates.

A lobbyist educates and advocates. They help to protect us and expand our scope of practice.

Mark talked about changes with the DPL and why they happened. Issues with bodywork and the Federal bill about human trafficking. Encouraged everyone to get involved. Answered a lot of questions

Thanks to departing BOD Members:

Patty Jaworski - Treasurer

Election Results: Prepared by Deb Nugnes; presented by Greg Hurd since Deb could not be there.

Board of Directors:

Susan Cormier Financial Administrator (formerly Treasurer) two year term

Gail Dobinski Board Member (formerly 2nd VP) one year term

Katie Adams Board Member (formerly 1st VP) two year term


Brenda Thibault Delegate two year term

Cynthia Sykes Delegate two year term

Nichole Cross Delegate two year term

Christine Rose Alternate Delegate one year term

Katie Adams Alternate Delegate one year term

Sue Cormier Alternate Delegate one year term

Installation of New Delegates and Board Members by Greg Hurd .

Adjourn: Motion to adjourn made by Brenda Thibault , seconded by Jennifer Savage . Voted by voice – unanimously approved. Meeting adjourned at 3:14 PM.

Nichole Cross

If you'd like a copy of our day's Meeting Agenda, Election Results, Budget, Balance Sheet, and/or Income & Expense, please email info@massamta.org.