Bright IDEAs | Educators Reveal Their Wacky Sides!

Published: April 27, 2015

If you could have a random, weird or wacky job, what would it be? Do you want to know what our IDEA educators said when we popped the question? Be on the lookout for more of our Bright IDEAs blog series as we provide insight and insider information on our IDEA 2015 Conference educators right up to May 1!

Q. If you weren't a massage therapist, what's a job you'd love to have? Feel free to include any unusual and secret talents that you possess!

Ruth Werner: I would love to be one of those artisans who sells hand-dyed fabrics at festivals and fairs. I could totally get into tie-dying shirts and making dyed mandalas for bedspreads or to hang from the ceiling. If I could splash around in color all day and then sell my work to people who love it as much as me—THAT would be amazing. Perhaps an Etsy shop is in my future.☺

Michael McGillicuddy: I love nature so I might have worked in a state park or animal reserve. I love the innocence of animals. I am interested in organic farming. Maybe I will have an organic farm/ranch some day.

James Waslaski: I would love to be a keynote speaker. I have had clients like Tony Robbins who greatly influenced my life. I do motivational keynotes already at major conferences throughout the world. I will be doing one at this conference. It will motivate, inspire, and touch the hearts and souls of every participant! I love motivating people to follow their dreams while making a huge difference in the world!

Sophia Chan: If I weren't a therapist...I would like to live a simpler life. I believe that everyone should have the ability to live off the grid - to obtain your own food, build shelter and clothes, and live through the days without worry of money and bills. Unfortunately, my educational pursuit as a therapist has limited my actual knowledge and skills in these areas. I would also like to have the time and opportunity to delve deeper into my practice in martial arts, tai chi, and Chinese brush calligraphy. These skills require focus and pliability both mentally and physically. The lessons learned can be carried over into nearly every other aspect of life.

Dale Grust: I have a few ‘other’ jobs I fantasize about but two of them include massage. I’m drawn to working with children with special needs – especially preemies or any infant in the NICU. I’ve taken advanced training in this area and did some volunteer work at a local hospital. I enjoy helping the parents create a bond with their baby that is essential for the infant to thrive. I would also love to work with Tina Allen in the orphanages around the world. The children there need touch for their development. I believe the world would be a better place if every baby born was able to develop a deep bond with their closest caregiver. We would all be more secure and maybe no one would feel the need for war. Another job I would enjoy would be working as a massage therapist for a company that offers Active Vacations. Then I’d be able to travel, bike, hike, and meet interesting people from all over the world. When I took one of these vacations I suggested to the guide that they should have a massage therapist on staff to give a massage to every participant once during the week but I never did pursue the idea. Finally, I’d love a job where I was paid to explore remote vacation areas. I’d have to find exquisite out of the way places to stay, find the best local eateries, and fascinating sites to visit. I’d write a blog or a reference book for other travelers.

Stay tuned tomorrow to find out the identities of their favorite super heroes!