Bright IDEAs | Waslaski Wednesday: The Forever Student

Published: March 25, 2015

James Waslaski can't stress enough the value of continuing education. Be on the lookout for more of our Bright IDEAs blog series as we provide insight and insider information on our IDEA 2015 Conference educators right up to May 1!

Q Why is continuing education so important?

A. There is so much research happening. The World Fascial Congress is just one example and I will be in attendance this year. The information therapists learned just a few years ago is becoming outdated. The time has come where specializing in just one modality severely limits the results of your practice.

Sounds like he's a forever student and encourages all manual therapists to be the same. Your clients will thank you for it.


James Waslaski, began his healthcare career as a paramedic in a trauma center and taught emergency medical courses. James served as Professional Relations Chair for Florida and received the 1998 FSMTA outstanding state service award. He also served as AMTA Sports Massage Education Council Chair from 1993-1997 receiving the AMTA National Officer Award. James was the 1999 recipient of the FSMTA International Achievement Award. James was inducted into The Massage Hall of Fame in 2008.

Currently, he is vying for the “Globetrotter Award” with his plethora of worldwide workshops! James’ courses specialize in sports massage therapy and complicated orthopedic conditions. His new book, Clinical Massage Therapy; a Structured Approach to Pain Management, is now available. Visit his website at