Establishment/Facility License Grace Period ends this Month

Published: December 15, 2017

In 2017, the Massachusetts Board of Massage made new regulations in which licensed massage therapists, in MA, need to be supported by an Establishment License. For the practicing massage therapists, they have allowed those therapists to continue working while they apply for their facility/establishment license. Starting in January, when you apply for an Establishment License, you will NOT be able to practice until you have your Establishment License approved.


Single Establishment License
Multiple Establishment License

Taken from: Facility Licensure: 269 CMR 6.03
The ONLY exemptions are:
(a) A Massage Therapy Establishment license is not required for the following:
1. Any healthcare facility licensed by the Massachusetts Department of Public Health;
2. Board approved continuing education programs and student clinics operated by Board licensed Massage Schools;
3. Locations at which Chair Massage is exclusively done; and
4. Locations at which Massage Therapy is offered for not more than 24 hours in a one week period every six months at a public or charitable event with a primary purpose unrelated to massage.

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