Establishment License Requirements: Reminders for Licensed Massage Therapists in MA

Published: February 20, 2023

Establishment License Requirements Reminders for Licensed Massage Therapists in MA
Written by Greg Hurd
AMTA-MA Chapter Law & Legislation Committee

Since we have received some recent inquiries regarding confusion over the Establishment License requirements, we have a few things to mention.

Please remember that massage therapists in MA are required to be supported by an Establishment License. There are very few exceptions.

Exceptions: A Massage Therapy Establishment license is not required for the following:
1. Any healthcare facility licensed by the Massachusetts Department of Public Health.
2. Board approved continuing education programs and student clinics operated by Board-Licensed Massage Schools.
3. Locations at which Chair Massage is exclusively done; and
4. Locations at which massage therapy is offered for not more than 24 hours in a one week period every six months at a public or charitable event with a primary purpose unrelated to massage.

There are two types of Establishment Licenses:
1. Solo Establishment License. A Solo Establishment License shall entitle a single Massage Therapist to deliver or offer massage therapy services from one designated location.
2. Multiple Therapists Establishment License. A Multiple Therapists Establishment License shall entitle two or more Massage Therapists to deliver or offer massage therapy services from one designated location.

Which one do you need?

  • If you are an employee, you most likely fall under the Multiple Therapists Establishment License.
  • If you have your own practice or are an independent contractor at a site, you’ll need your own Solo Establishment License.

Things to remember:

  • If your business is “out-of-office” massages only, you still need a solo establishment license.
  • Inspectors are looking at massage practices and if they find you are out of compliance, there is a very good chance that you will be fined $500.

Please CLICK HERE for all the details regarding an establishment license in MA.