Fall 2022 MA Board of Massage Therapy Meeting

Published: November 14, 2022

Presented by Greg Hurd, Chair of the Law & Legislature Committee

This morning in the Board Meeting, acting Executive Director, Danielle O’Neil, reported that they are caught up on all the complete applications for a massage license and are doing great with the establishment licenses too. She said that there are under 30 applications for an initial license that need more information. That is the lowest number I can remember! Danielle also said that virtually all the emails have received a response and that they will get to all of them today!

There is a new Executive Director who will be taking over soon. She is in training now. We met her this morning at the online meeting. There is also a new person in training to take over Brian Preston’s position.

We want to reach out to YOU our member for a couple reasons:

  • We want to let the members know how much the Board/DOL is working and how much progress they made.
  • Remind all members that the Board/DOL will email them. If any of the members have not heard from them, check you spam/junk email list.
  • Danielle said again that emailing them at Massagetherapy@mass.gov is definitely the preferred method of reaching them.

This is all very exciting and promising news as there has been long long wait-time for licensing and email communications with the Board.