Get Spiney With Jeff Mahadeen

Published: August 5, 2013

The spine is an amazing bit of architecture. Take 33 of the weirdest-looking bones in the human body, stack them on top of each other, thread a nervous system in and out of the various openings it contains, then build an entire body around this central axis, and you’ve got the human spine. There’s little that compares to it.

And yet, with so many vital and interconnected parts, it’s no wonder most people develop neck and back pain at some point in their lives. Torticollis, whiplash trauma and headache issues are high on the list most common complaints from massage clients. Do you have the knowledge it takes to offer these clients the relief they seek? When you can effectively treat pain from whiplash and similar traumas, word gets around, and referrals from chiros and PTs will follow.

  • Jeff Mahadeen knows the spine like the back of his, well, back, and his upcoming classes on myofascial mobilization on September 8th and 9th are not to be missed. Why is that?
  • This class includes advanced anatomy and physiology of the cervical, thoracic, and lumbar spine. These are not massage school basics rehashed for CE!
  • You’ll get a holistic picture of the spine in the body, and how it affects everything else. Take another look at all those curves (both ideal and dysfunctional) and see them through the unique lens of structural integration.
  • This isn’t just a lecture. There will be hands-on training, slides, movement exercises, and more. If you need a variety of teaching styles to help you learn and keep you engaged, you’ll feel right at home.
  • Jeff practices what he teaches as an active massage therapist. This isn’t a theoretical class taught by someone who hasn’t given a massage for years.
  • 80% of massage therapists who attend a class with Jeff at The Muscular Wellness Institute go back for more classes with him. He's that good.

Bonus reason

On Sunday, you'll get a free lunch, time to mingle with your colleagues, and all the news from the Massachusetts massage world at the chapter meeting.

Need another reason?

We've negotiated a considerable discount of $110/on Sunday night with the Hotel Northampton. You MUST book your room (mention AMTA) by August 23 to receive this rate.

Come to Day 1 only for the 7 CE Cervical Spine class, or attend both days to get the full course covering the entire spine from top to bottom. Whether you’re looking for a way to market yourself to a wider demographic or simply looking for new tools to help longstanding clients who are in pain, this class is a must. Get all the details and register today!

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