June 2015 Board of Directors Meeting Minutes

Published: June 25, 2015

Program updates, IDEA evaluation, Welcome new BOD members

Call to Order: Meeting called to order at 12:02 PM.

Short Meditation

Roll Call: President, Lisa Curran Parenteau – 1st VP, Katie Adams - 2nd VP, Kate Peck -3rd VP, Sue Cormier – Treasurer, Patty Jaworski - CSMT Chair, Gordon Pilotte – Communications Director, Kristen Lutz - Government and External Affairs Director, Deb Nugnes - Membership Experience Director, Gail Dobinski & Kelly Dalbec - IDEA 2015 Committee, Liv Gold - Volunteer, Nichole Cross

Welcome: Katie read our mission statement and Lisa welcomed board members and committee chairs.

New Board Member Appointment: Motion made by Sue Cormier to appoint Nichole Cross to the position of Secretary. Seconded by Kate Peck, all in favor motion passes unanimously.

Approval of Minutes: Motion to accept the minutes of the 3/30/2015 conference call as they are presented made by Kate Peck and seconded by Katie Adams, voted unanimously to approve.

Call for New Business:

Lisa had Katie, Nichole and Liv introduce themselves

Lisa provided an indepth recall of June 6th Presidents Convention new voting method. Diminishing interest in voting for national board members despite the campaign efforts have left national thinking Slate Voting is the next logical step. We had a lot of questions and look forward to discussing the new regulation with National.

  • If members say no to slate that is proposed, what happens?
  • Are members comments welcome?
  • Will national ask for feedback from members who do care?
  • Are members still able to call in and give their vote?

IDEA Round-up:

Discussed member evaluations and our own observations


  • High quality - in-depth education
  • Cost effective
  • Good location
  • Ethics before chapter meeting was good
  • Well organized
  • CPR well received - keep doing
  • Food was good
  • Chapter meeting was upbeat and enjoyable
  • Volunteer lunch and cocktail reception well received

Improvements and Action Items:

  • Lack of signage - More signage needed maybe a conference at a glance / welcome packet that includes a schedule a map and a list of local restaurants.
  • Handout links were not visible enough online.
  • Make group hotel rate more accessible and make sure members understand the 2 week prior to convention sign up in order to get it.
  • Date change - possibly early April and 2017 new facility
  • More vendors, longer vendor hours and vendors geared to sell what is being taught through the weekend
  • Have an area that can be set up for Saturday night and Sunday
  • IDEA committee should get a vendor list together and make sure to check out NERC’s list
  • look for door prizes, vendors and sponsorships
  • Possibly implement a visual way for people to see how much money it takes to put on the IDEA conference - possibly a thermostat type we’ve raised this much so far sort of visual could help?
  • Food Labels needed
  • Coffee, tea and water should be in the rooms - members noticed it wasn’t there this year.
  • Head shots were missed and a new photographer is needed - Nichole is looking for one
  • EventBrite does not work well for what we need and we will be changing to Reg On-line
  • Need to go over registration process - Jess Metzer should be a big help in this department
  • Went over financial analysis
  • Budget - need to remember to account for AV charges and Service Tax next year
  • Have the attorney on-site for a town hall sort of meeting about the W2 changes MA chapter is helping members with. - continued in W2 Regulations

This discussion was left with a tentative date to discuss more: September 13th prior to chapter meeting from 8-11

W2/1099 discussion spin off: This came up in the IDEA conversation as well as Government & Internal affairs report. We as a group recognize that new state legislation could lead to a lot of headaches for our members and that we have the resources to help with this difficult transition.

  • Katie and Kristen will work on a series of webinar or conference call leading up to annual meeting, creating sort of a FUD campaign so that we can drive people to annual to educate them.
  • Will start working on after 4th of July
  • Organized plan by end of August
  • 1st one to be completed in October/November
  • See if we can get attorney to December meeting for a town hall style discussion and have 3-4 webinars leading up to next annual meeting.
  • Nichole is going to try and contact a business owner who just dealt with state regulators
  • Ask attorney if there is a way to package help implementing the W2 move
  • Payroll service to be a vendor - Nichole will check with the rep she knows.

Education: Deb Baker skyped in.

  • September 13th & 14th Tanya Countryman
  • EventBrite notice should be out in next two weeks.
  • Looking for local talent for the December meeting - will be decided on by July 1st
  • possibly Greg Hurd with Chair Massage and Deep Massage Effectively
  • suggestions are welcome
  • Tracey Walton Oncology Massage
  • Jeanne Coleman Thai Massage
  • Jeff Mahadeen Structural Assessment: The art of in-depth analysis
  • Education program met on June 2nd to discuss 2016 education plan
  • it will incorporate hands on, self care classes, CPR, ethics and research classes
  • Discussion was started about discounted pricing for AMTA members in general instead of just MA and for a lower student pricing.
  • Question posed: If students attend will they get special reduced pricing for signing up that day?

Motion to designate any AMTA members pay a per day rate of $75 for education, non members pay $125 and students pay $50, made by Kate Peck seconded by Katie Adams unanimous decision - this will be implemented in September.

Government and Internal Affairs: Deb Nunges

  • Opposition to amendment 418 - Elements massage didn't want to have to pay overtime for Sunday and holiday work - because of some great members and quick action this was stopped on the floor in pre amendment phase.
  • Efforts are being made by this board and national to help remove legit MTs from Rub Maps - doesn’t look good so far.

NERC: Jess Meltzer

  • Aprox. $1800 being returned to the non-host states along with each chapter's portion of the $15,000 in seed money (2500 each).
  • For our state we had 80 attendees this year. CT had 72, ME 26, NH 37, RI 28, and VT 12. That gives a total of 255 attendees.
  • Jill Moran is trying to continue ahead with either a trade show or NERC-like event herself.
  • Record keeping was not good in NERC and Jess suggests something better be in place if we choose to work with another chapter again
  • And clear guidelines of how much control any outside professionals we bring in to assist with an event have.

Standing Rule Change:

A discussion about having the IPP as a voting board member and everyone’s opinions were taken into consideration. Believing that we do not need the IPP as an acting board member

A motion was made to strike the IPP from standing rules: section 2 and to strike all of standing rules: section 3 by Katie Adams and seconded by Kate Peck - motion passed unanimously

Finance Report:

Will be addressed on a future conference call.

National Convention: 2 spots open, Lisa suggested Deb Baker and Kristen Lutz - all in agreement

Communication: Kristen Lutz

  • Newsletter dates and deadlines for year
  • August 2015 (8/4) newsletter w/ deadline 7/21d
  • November 2015 (11/3) newsletter w/ deadline 10/20
  • February 2016 (2/2) newsletter w/ deadline 1/19
  • May 2016 (5/3) newsletter w/ deadline 4/19
  • August 2016 (8/2) newsletter w/ deadline 7/19

  • Has 3 volunteers but still needs help with advertising and sponsorship
  • Loves the ideas of webinars but is not familiar with them
  • Lisa will look into “go to webinars”

  • Blog posts… looking for good material and feedback.

Upcoming Board of Directors Meetings:

September 13 meet before chapter meeting for IDEA

December 4-6 strategic planning

February 6 all day financial meeting

Monthly BOD conference calls will be 1st Tuesday of every month at 8pm

August 4th ‘

September 1st

October 6th

November 3rd

December 1st

January 5th

Nichole created a google calendar called AMTA MA Chapter Calendar. All were invited.

Delegates: Kate Peck will be Head Delegate - she ad Kristen need to get in touch with one another on how to get the info out.

Need to send

  • 2 emails
  • facebook posts
  • possible YouTube videos
  • member survey

Membership: Kelly Dalbec

We need a committee chair. Kelly thinks that everything should be divided out and split up because it might be too big of a job for one person.

Lisa suggests we take a deeper at Membership Experience at the strategic planning meeting - what part of this can be given to national. Everyone committed to focusing on that during our planning session as it is a foundation and critical to the growth of our Chapter.

Member Experience: Gail Dobinski

  • Wants to create a good mentor experience.
  • Thinks that we need to Establish a check and balance for Mentor/Mentees

NMTAW: group decided that we will no longer be offering a stipend but Gail suggested instead we could ask for people to submit what they are doing for a chance to win some free education - maybe 2 winners? - can be a social media campaign.

Adjournment: Motion to adjourn made by Katie Adams and seconded by Kate Peck - motion passed unanimously. Meeting adjourned at 5:31 pm