Meta-Analysis on Massage Therapy for Pain

Published: September 18, 2017

New research analysis indicates massage therapy is strongly recommended for pain management.

The Massage Therapy Foundation with the support of the AMTA enlisted the Samueli Institute to conduct a collaborative meta-analysis of research on massage therapy for pain. This was a huge undertaking! They were tasked with taking a giant pool of research studies regarding massage therapy and pain, evaluating the strength of the study designs, methods, sample populations, treatment protocols, assessment tools, and analyzing the data to see if it supports what we all (let's face it) already know - that massage therapy can help people with pain! This is just one of many steps our field will need to take to gain credibility for the impact we can have on pain and to start a conversation on how massage therapy can be a part of a continuum of care for people with pain. 

We'll let the full article posted on the AMTA National's website do all of the talking. Just click here. You'll find links to the research findings, the first part having already been published online by the journal of Pain Medicine! You'll also find a link so you can share the findings with your clients. It's really fantastic and you should be really excited and proud about the work that was done by your AMTA and MTF!