President’s Message August 2016

Published: August 17, 2016

Hello AMTA-MA Chapter members,

We keep asking, how can we help you to be a better massage therapist? Well, here's what we have coming up for you!

Continuing Education

Register for all on our website. Click here and see what's coming up in September!

We have continuing education classes at the Burlington Marriott.

Yaron Gal Carmel is teaching two classes in September -

Intro to Thai Massage on the Table: Lower Extremities & Back on Sunday, September 25 and We are looking out for those of you who work Saturdays as we have

Structural Approach to Rebalance the Myofascial Layers of the Spine on Monday, September 26.

Please join us on September 25 for a complimentary lunch and Chapter meeting from 12pm-2pm.

Law and Legislation

Lots going on at the State Massage Board.

There were several amendments suggested by the State Board. We were there for the August meeting in which we strongly suggested that the regulations clearly state that out-of-office/outcalls are allowed. With one of the proposed amendments, it looked like they were getting rid of the outcall option. That was not really what was suggested by the regulation but it was still confusing; so we have asked for more clarity.

The Board is planning to have ALL MA LMTs be required to be supported by an establishment license. The vast majority of LMTs are already supported by an establishment license – either a solo on their own or a multi where they are employed. This presents a loophole in which those who do only outcall massage are not supported by an establishment license. They feel that licensing creates much less of a chance of illegitimate massage therapists working.

They are still looking at continuing education requirements but that requires a lot of consideration and planning so that might not happen for a little while.

Bodywork Regulation

The state is very concerned about human trafficking. As of now, bodyworkers are not regulated by the state. Several towns and cities are developing their own regulations. Our lobbyists are keeping a very close watch on this. There had been a Bill proposed to license bodyworkers and our lobbyists made sure that there was an amendment in which it was stated that massage therapists would not need to get a separate bodywork license if they also practice bodywork.

There is a new Bill that is proposed regarding human trafficking but it does not include licensing for Bodyworkers. We are keeping tabs on this Bill.

It gets complicated. What is considered Bodywork? Does it include Reiki, Craniosacral Therapy, Trager, Shiatsu, and reflexology? Does it include all the exemptions from the massage license?

Can you see how it can get complicated? How are they going to regulate bodywork? Not by educational hours; not by accreditation. Some are considering bodyworkers pass the MBLEx. Others feel that the main concern is that the practitioners pass a CORI and SORI.

Burn Scar Conference and Training

The AMTA-RI Chapter is hosting a Burn Scar Conference in October. Our own Kate Peck is offering training for doing seated/chair massage for burn scar victims on September 18. Those who attend the training are then qualified to volunteer to do seated/chair massage at the Conference.

See details elsewhere in the summer newsletter, delivered right to your inbox.

Speaking of the AMTA-RI Chapter, they are having their Annual Meeting/Conference in October. We wish them the very best.

National AMTA Convention

The National Convention will be in Milwaukee, WI from October 26-29. There is going to be some great classes there. Robin Roberts is going to be a keynote speaker. There are even going to be some Olympians there too!!!

I have the great honor of teaching the Ethics classes at the Convention!


We have some great instructors planned for our IDEA Conference for 2017 – Save the date! March 31-April 2, 2017 at the Sheraton in Needham.

If you have suggestions, questions, or comments, please feel free to email me at

Greg Hurd