September 2015 Board of Directors Meeting Minutes

Published: September 28, 2015

Program updates, IDEA evaluation, Welcome new BOD members

Date: September 13, 2015

In attendance: Lisa Curran Parenteau – President, Katie Adams – 1st VP, Kate Peck – 2nd VP, Sue Cormier – 3rd VP, Patty Jaworski – Treasurer, Nichole Cross - Secretary, Deb Baker – Director of Education, Jessica Meltzer - Education, Gail Dobinski - Director of Membership, Kristen Lutz - Director of Communications, Regine Ryder - Delegate.

Welcome by Lisa Curran Parenteau. Introduction of the Board, Program Directors, Delegates and volunteers. Lisa also performed the pinning of 1st time attendees.

Education: Presented by Deb Baker. December will be at the Cape Codder 5th and 6th featuring Mary Gail Sullivan presenting: Down to the Bone (Part One) introducing therapists to a new way of deep tissue work.

Asked members to save the date for IDEA 2016 - April 1-3rd Save the Date.

Kristen Lutz talked about the changes we are making per last years feedback and the exciting lineup.

National Convention Update- Delegates: Gail Dobinski talked about being a delegate. Kate Peck spoke about position statements and Regine Ryder spoke about recommendations.

Membership: Gail Dobinski spoke about the changes that will be coming. We will be reaching out to people electronically for the New Member Packet. There will be an addition of a Membership at a Glance page on our website and there will be mentorship wrapped in with this as well.

CSMT: Katie Adams read Gordon Pilotte’s report. CSMT has re-evaluated the charity aspect of its program and has decided to focus only on the emergency division. The teams will be broken down into three regions, allowing each region to be able to respond directly to something happening locally. Team members will be contacted soon by team leaders and region coordinators to set up a regional meeting as well as reconnect and finish up the online credentialing process. Gail Dobinski addressed questions.

Government and External Affairs: Sue Cormier and Deb Nunges report. The state is reviewing all licensing regulations to see where they might be able to make changes to help licensees. The board of licensure and the AMTA attended two separate “listening sessions”. Together with our Lobbyists, Mark Malloy and Kim Sullivan from Lynch and Assoc. recommendations were made. We have not been notified of any formal conclusions. Greg Hurd attended a meeting with the Department of Public Licensure in August that spoke to revisions for all occupational schools as changes come we will update you. Municipalities are starting to reach out to the state for assistance with regulating and monitoring “Bodywork” establishments.. The State Dept. of Public Licensure and the Department of Consumer Affairs and Business Regulation will be putting together a task force to develop a plan to license “Bodywork”, when things are put together the AMTA MA chapter will have representation on this task force.

Prizes from Pure Pro massage lotions, Soothing Touch massage cream, Taya Countryman educational video and MA chapter educations were raffled!