State Board Meeting

Published: September 16, 2016

State Board meeting – 9/12/16

The State Board reviewed the proposed amendments. They discussed an email sent by Greg Hurd, AMTA MA Chapter President, asking for clarification on the reasoning behind requiring all LMTs to be supported by an establishment license, including those whose business is only out-of-office. They stated:

1. The license will help by providing the state inspector with another tool to make sure that a massage business is legitimate.

2. The Establishment License will allow for the inspector to visit a specific address for purposes of reviewing any required paperwork or equipment.

3. Having an Establishment License will require license holders to maintain certain basic documentation

4. Licensure (i.e., regulating an activity) eliminates fraud, illegal, and illicit activity that occurs in the absence of licensure (i.e., regulating an activity).

There were some additional questions of clarification that need to be addressed; therefore, the Board tabled the amendments discussion/determination until their November meeting (note: there is no October meeting).

One other note of interest – when Greg Hurd asked about inspections and the review of documentation, the Board stated that they have the authority to look as client records as they always have.