Structural Relief Therapy Comes to Massachusetts

Published: August 25, 2015

Why should you take Taya Countryman's Structural Relief Therapy in Northampton next month? Read what she has to say about her practice and her upcoming classes.

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Q. How long have you been practicing massage therapy?

A. I have had an active massage practice since 1977, specializing in clients experiencing complex and chronic medical conditions. I take time to do a comprehensive written and verbal intake to listen to the client’s story. I also listen to the body as it communicates with pain, discomfort, tightness, and sighs. Then, I think ‘outside-the-box’ to find solutions for their symptoms.

Q. What continuing education did you receive as you were growing your practice?

A. I studied with Dr. Loren Rex, DO in the 1980’s, where I learned Strain and Counterstrain or Positional Release Therapy, Muscle Energy Technique, and the Osteopathic principles of fascial release. For many years, I used these techniques and noticed patterns, successes, and failures.

Q. How did you become a teacher?

A. Many therapists encouraged me to teach what I knew and when I looked at what was missing in continuing education, it was these osteopathic techniques. As I developed a curriculum I realized I was combining several techniques into a protocol. I call it Structural Relief Therapy or SRT. I have been sharing what I have learned since 1985. I love teaching because of what I learn from my students.

Here's more information about her upcoming class with the AMTA-MA Chapter in Northampton Sunday 9/13 and Monday 9/14. Register for Sunday only or both days here!

Structural Relief Therapy (SRT) for the Hip, Upper Leg & Knee
The structures of the hip and knee can be intimidating, but they are the key for stabilizing the pelvis and a culprit for many other symptoms of the back, torso, neck, and shoulders. Deep tissue and trigger point therapy can be painful especially in the adductors. SRT is a gentle approach to the body to decrease muscle contraction and symptoms, and to increase ROM quickly. Treat bursitis-like symptoms of the hip, chronically tight hamstrings and IT bands. Assess, understand and treat different types of knee pain. Learn Taya’s gentle connective tissue techniques releasing fascia and patella tracking symptoms. SRT is a tool every therapist needs and Taya makes learning fun.

Taya Countryman, LMP has been practicing massage since 1977, bringing a vast depth of practical work and teaching experience. She was one of the first LMT’s to have a contract with a hospital and worked 7 years on a multidisciplinary healthcare team at the Everett Providence Hospital Pain Control Center. She was a co-author and the lobbyist for the Washington State Massage Law Revision in 1987, making massage part of the healthcare field in Washington State. As a past Washington State Massage Board Member, she helped write the WAC for the Washington State Department of Labor & Industries to include massage for injured workers. She received the prestigious awards from AMTA-WA for Outstanding Service to the Massage Profession in 2003, Service to the Chapter in 2006, and Chapter Meritorious in 2010. Taya was a 2013 inductee to the Massage Therapy Hall of Fame. She became an advanced instructor in 1985, and is currently teaching continuing education classes across the USA on Structural Relief Therapy (SRT). Taya’s active massage practice specializes in clients experiencing complex and chronic medical conditions. She listens to the body and thinks ‘outside-the-box’ for solutions to client symptoms. Taya makes SRT classes practical and fun and willingly shares everything she knows from her 38 years of experience. WA license# MA00001130. NCBTMB Provider# 450706-08.