Using Your Chapter's Facebook Page

Published: July 10, 2012

In talking to chapter leaders from all over, I've found that the most common social media question is, "How do I know who to follow and what to share?" Because the volunteer isn't sure what to do, the chapter's Facebook and Twitter become nothing more than megaphones for their own events and message, instead of a beautiful buffet of sharing resources, happiness and rainbows. Okay, maybe no rainbows, but fun stuff and great information for massage geeks like us. For your members.

I realized last week that I hadn't gone through the list of member benefits at the National AMTA website in awhile. How can I keep members up to date about their benefits if I haven't hooked us up with the online presence of all the companies who give us the goods? Then I check out a few other chapter's networks and found they hadn't done it, either. (Which made me feel better, but still, my bad.)

So here's what I did:

I went through the list of Discounted Products and Career Services from the national website. I looked up each company's website and if the company has a Facebook presence, the AMTA Mass Chapter is now connected with it.

What you should do (don't panic, I made you a video showing you how to do it, look below.)

Hop on Facebook acting as your chapter's Page.

Go to the Mass Chapter Facebook page, look in the right column of the Timeline, and see the box titled "Likes".

Click on "See All" and you can easily view all of our pages Likes, and like them yourself.

WHY you should do this

Well, now you'll see all sorts of news from all the great companies who give us great benefits! It'll be easier to tell your members (and potential members) about those benefits. AND, once you're connected, it'll be easier to tag the participating companies in posts and tweets. SPREAD THE LOVE, BABY. Share information and resources that may be of use to your members. Let our partners knwo how much we like them, it's a win-win.

Not sure what I mean? Follow the Mass Chapter Facebook Page. We'll show you.

Too scary? Got questions? Post them in the comments below, we'll help you out!

Allissa Haines is a massage therapist with a full private practice in Plainville, MA. She creates marketing and business resources for massage therapists at Writing A Blue Streak and is an educator for the Massage Learning Network, an online learning center for massage therapists and students. She is also a marketing consultant, professional speaker, and a frequent snacker.