Volunteers Needed for Communication Committee

Published: July 27, 2014

The Communications Committee is seeking volunteers for two positions, Committee Chairperson and Website & Social Media Assistant.

The Chairperson position is a fast, fun leadership post that could be a great fit for someone with computer and online experience, and who is eager to learn how the chapter operates its online presence. The incoming Chairperson will receive training from the chapter's website company, learn directly from the current Marketing Manager and receive ongoing support. Here's what that means in layman's terms: New volunteers will get eased into the job. There will be someone to answer questions, provide additional training and support in many forms. This is a rewarding job that includes being part of the team that shapes the chapter's future.

Website and social media assistants positions are available for the right volunteer(s) with similar computer savvy, but just a few hours a month to give. The potential tasks and contributions can vary according to the volunteer's interests and abilities.

More detailed information for each position is below. Interested members should contact Chapter President Lisa Curran Parenteau at info@massamta.org.

Communications Committee Chairperson (formerly known as Marketing Manager)

Job Description:

  • Chairperson works closely with Board of Directors and Newsletter Editor to create and execute Editorial and Marketing Calendar.
  • Chairperson will liason with committee chairs to ensure their news and information is shared with members via website, email and social media and oversee the chapter’s online presence.
  • Chairperson will manage committee volunteers to schedule social media posts, post news articles and blogs to website, and add events to website & integrate eventbrite.
  • Chairperson will ultimately handle budget preparation and reconciliation for Communications committee, and participate in strategic planning sessions with Board of Directors.

Skills needed: Good general computer and internet skills. Good word processing skills and competent (or willing to become competent) with spreadsheets, Constant Contact, EventBrite. Good organizational skills.

Training provided by chapter: Live webinar training directly with website company and with Allissa Haines, (current Online Marketing Manager). Ongoing support and training will occur as new tasks emerge. Initial training will likely include a minimum one of in-person training with Allissa Haines.

Stipend: Dependent on skills and experience.

Contact: Lisa Curran Parenteau- info@massamta.org

Communications Committee- Website & social media assistant(s)

Job Description: This is a very broad position that can be individually tailored to suit the skills and desires of a few volunteers. Website tasks include general content updates to the website, including adding events, news articles and blog posts, (not necessarily writing them, but inputting to the website), configuring bulk emails. Tasks could include interpreting website analytics and creative thinking for future projects.

Social media tasks include content curation (looking for cool stuff to share with the members), scheduling posts in advance to the chapter’s social media streams. Working closely with committee chair to be sure chapter events and news gets shared in social media networks.

Volunteers in this committee will be supported by each other, with at least two people knowing how to accomplish every task, so responsibilities can be shared and organized according to desire of workload.

Skills needed: General computer and internet skills. If you’re smooth with word processing and/or spreadsheets and/or constant contact (or mail chimp, etc) and/or wordpress, you can handle this position.

Estimated time commitment: approximately 2-3 hours/month, can be tailored to more or less depending on volunteer desires.

Training provided by chapter: Live webinar training directly with website company and with Allissa Haines, (Online Marketing Manager). Ongoing support and training as new tasks emerge.

Contact: Lisa Curran Parenteau- info@massamta.org