Coaches Corner Testimonials

Published: April 16, 2015

IDEA 2015 is just a few weeks away and we are very happy to welcome back the Coaches Corner for FREE on Sunday, May 3rd from 2:00pm-4:00pm. Click here to get to know more about the Coaches Corner. Read on to hear what others have to say! Email Brianne Kruspaw at to schedule your appointment.

Having no idea what a coaching session was all about, I was glad I was able to get a last minute opening. Kim helped me clarify where I need to focus to expand my marketing and business growth.
~ K. Kenney

I was pleasantly surprised by how much was accomplished in my 25 minute coaching session! I walked away with three very specific action items I can and will take in the next week to rebuild my practice. This was wonderful help!
~ Jessica

The coaching session was very successful in focusing me for the future. I have a better understanding of the strengths and weaknesses of my business.
~ Grateful, Kathleen S.

My coaching experience today was great; I feel reenergized and more directed.
~ Kim F.

The coaching session was well worth the time; the coach helped me see where to start with my plan to move my business in a different direction.
~ Anonymous

My coach was easy to talk with. She helped me see how I could better use my time. She also showed me how I could look at the areas of resistance in my life with a different perspective.
~ Anonymous